Myriad's Culture

At Myriad, we are developing transformative products which address pressing clinical needs. We rely on the power of our people to make it happen. If you’re ready to take charge of your impact in the world, you can do it here. We’re a diverse group of individuals dedicated to preventing disease and united in the privilege of shaping discovery and improving life. Yes we work extremely hard, but we also are committed to serving our communities. Sometimes, we also have a little fun in the process.

Myriad – A Commitment to Service

Myriad’s concern for the welfare of others extends beyond financial contributions. The real “Power of Myriad” is seen in the strength and commitment of our employees.

Employees are encouraged to make a difference in their local communities by volunteering their time and energy either individually or through organized Myriad events. Indeed, many employees have done their part by participating in activities that range from donating to the local food banks, supporting homeless youth center, to walking to raise money for cancer research, volunteering at the cancer wellness house.

In fact Myriad honors employees who excel in corporate and community citizenship through the Myriad “Spirit of Giving Awards” program.

To see more Myriad employees in action, check out our Community page.