Product Pipeline

A strong market position in the present is built on a management philosophy that maintains a sharp eye toward the future. In this regard, Myriad’s future viability is exceptionally robust. Our molecular diagnostic pipeline boasts no fewer than a dozen initiatives devoted to exploring transformative products–including companion diagnostic tests–across a diverse set of major disease indications. These medical specialties include oncology, women’s health, dermatology, urology, neuroscience and autoimmune diseases.

As the diagram below indicates, the journey from diagnostic initiative to actual product launch is both lengthy and uncertain. Before any product can reach the marketplace it must overcome a number of severe obstacles ranging from initial discovery of necessary biomarkers, through analytical and clinical validation.

There is no guarantee that even a single initiative will achieve marketable status. But Myriad’s management philosophy is to spread that risk across a broad range of initiatives based on good business and solid science.


Myriad Future Innovations

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