Genetic Testing Process

To guide patients at risk for hereditary cancer through the information-gathering and testing process:

  1. Have them complete the quick and easy Hereditary Cancer Quiz or you may opt to use other tools designed to help you identify patients in your office. You can find these resources at
  2. Use the quiz results or other tool to aid in your evaluation of the patient.
  3. Discuss family history and concerns about hereditary cancers with the patient. (Remind them that they can visit MySupport360 for more information about hereditary cancer and the risk associated.)
  4. Discuss the benefits and limitations of genetic testing, and determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate.  Brochures and videos are available to aid in this conversation at
  5. For testing, a small amount of blood must be drawn or an oral rinse sample taken and sent to Myriad Genetic Laboratories for analysis. Patients must have informed consent before sending a sample for testing. Order a Test Kit

Test results are available in about 2 weeks.

After receiving test results, you should discuss management options with your patients. For more information about testing, results, management options and more, please visit MyriadPro.