As pioneers in molecular diagnostics, our work at Myriad requires us to develop strong relationships with healthcare professionals and earn the confidence of patients. In that spirit, we manage information according to these core values:

  • Patient privacy,
  • Regulatory oversight, and
  • Compliance with existing laws and regulations.

Protection of Patient Privacy

Nothing is more personal than an individual’s DNA fingerprint.  At Myriad, we honor our legal and ethical responsibility to protect patients’ genetic privacy.  In fact, our longstanding promise to millions of patients is to safeguard their genetic data by not selling or giving it away to any third parties, including public databases.  We believe that patients, and not companies, should decide whether or not to share their own genetic information.  As public concerns for genetic privacy continue to escalate we want patients to know that we will continue to stand by our promise.

Regulatory Oversight of Variant Databases for Clinical Management

Myriad believes that variant classification databases used for clinical purposes should be subjected to regulatory oversight. Medical management decisions made on the basis of variant interpretations are crucial to the safety and well-being of patients, and we believe the use of unregulated databases poses risks to patients.

Commitment to Collaborate in Variant Classification for Research

Myriad will collaborate with laboratories performing noncommercial, academic research projects with Institutional Review Board approval, by reviewing variants of uncertain significance identified in the study. Variants classified as deleterious by Myriad will be communicated to the researcher for use in the study. Research proposals can be submitted to Myriad Genetics at