Common questions:

  • Are all genetic tests the same?
    There are many types of genetic tests. Some tests are recreational and tell things about ancestry, and some tests are clinical that can help make health decisions. Myriad genetic testing was developed to help a patient and doctor make educated healthcare planning decisions.
  • How do I get genetic testing?
    Ask your healthcare professional if testing is right for you. If so, your healthcare professional will draw a small amount of your blood or take a saliva sample and send it to Myriad Genetic Laboratories for analysis.
  • How do MyRisk and MyScore work together?
    MyRisk and MyScore work together to provide information on hereditary cancer genes, personal and family history, breast cancer genetic risk markers, and ancestry genetic risk markers.
  • How reliable is MyChoice CDx?
    MyChoice CDx identifies ~34% more tumors with HRD than %LOH alone.
  • Is MyRisk testing accurate?
    The Myriad MyRisk platform meets the highest industry standards with greater than 99.9% sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy.

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