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They’re reimagining what’s possible, reducing healthcare disparities, pushing genetic testing forward and bringing more medical innovation to more patients than ever before. Meet the faces changing the face of healthcare and the stories behind Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies honor.

Meet the faces illuminating innovation

Dr. Alan Stolier

Surgeon, Center for Restorative Breast Surgery

Dr. Alan Stolier is a surgical oncologist at the internationally recognized Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans. He also teaches at Tulane University. Stolier’s approach to innovation always has involved questioning the status quo. He believes patient-centric innovation requires intense collaboration. For more than 20 years, Alan has worked with Myriad Genetics to push the frontiers of precision medicine.

Dr. Holly Pederson

Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Breast Center

Dr. Holly Pederson is the director of Medical Breast Services at Cleveland Clinic. She teaches actively, enjoys clinical research and writing, and has a fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, but what she is most passionate about is patient care – helping individuals by creating care plans that make sense, and giving the patient a sense of control when it comes to decisions surrounding hereditary cancer risk. Dr. Pederson is committed to saving lives and making a meaningful impact in the legacy of families.

Dr. Lincoln Nadauld

Vice President and Chief of Academics, Intermountain Health Care

A true innovator with a passion for taking care of patients, Dr. Lincoln Nadauld has spent his career working with DNA sequencing to research, discover and implement novel treatments that improve healthcare outcomes for patients with cancer.

Lab of the future

Myriad Genetics has created a state-of-the art Lab of the Future to analyze genetic test results and deliver more timely, accurate results to healthcare providers and patients. This 13,000 square-foot facility, which processes clinical samples, is now one of the most advanced and genome centers in the world, resulting from eight years of research, engineering, construction, and optimization. The lab’s advanced robotics and instrumentation were customized by Myriad engineers — processing thousands of clinical samples every day.

A typical running work cell is made up of 300 instruments and 500 software programs. Automated safeguards and redundancies are built into the system to prevent delays in delivering information to patients and providers. The facility is equipped with automated liquid handling and waste treatment capabilities which reduce plastic waste and create a more environmentally sustainable lab.

Walter Gilbert Research and Innovation Center

Myriad Genetics is expanding its lab of the future in South San Francisco to the new Nexus on Grand biotech center slated for completion next year. The new Myriad facility will be named the “Walter Gilbert Research and Innovation Center” in recognition of Dr. Gilbert’s pioneering scientific work in precision medicine. Dr. Gilbert is a Myriad co-founder and retired board member who won the Nobel Prize for contributions to the development of DNA sequencing.

The new lab incorporates advanced robotics, data analytics and instrumentation customized to process clinical samples and deliver timely results. Myriad plans to extend these capabilities and make additional investments in its Salt Lake City and Mason, OH labs.

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