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Phase 3 OlympiAD Trial

Metastatic Her2- Breast Cancer

Includes ER/PR+ and TNBC

1-2 prior lines of chemotherapy for adjuvant or metastatic disease

Germline BRCA1/2 mutation (n=302)

Identified with Myriad’s BRACAnalysis CDx®



Endpoint Assessment

Primary Endpoint PFS

MD Choice Chemotherapy

(Capecitabine, Vinorelbine, Eribulin)

Endpoint Assessment

Primary Endpoint PFS

42% Reduction in the Risk of Progression or Death in Patients who Received Olaparib vs. Standard Therapy

Olaparib Did Not Impact Quality of Life

Quality of Life*

Average across all study visits Olaparib (n=131) Chemotherapy (n=73)
Adjusted mean change (standard error) 3.9 (1.2) -3.6 (2.2)
Estimated difference (95% Cl) 7.5 (2.5 to 12.4) p=0.0035

*Patient reported QLQ-C30 (quality of life measure)

Olaparib was Well Tolerated with a Lower Grade ≥3 Adverse Event Rate than Standard Therapy

Percent of Patients Experiencing Grade ≥3 Adverse Events

Robson et al. Olaparib for Metastatic Breast Cancer in Patients with a Germline BRCA Mutation. N Engl J Med (2017). 10.1056/NEJMoa1706450