12-gene molecular assay is reproducible and robust.

“Combined with the previous clinical validation studies, this analytical validation demonstrates that the LDT version of the 12-gene molecular assay can be utilized for evaluating risk of distant recurrence in ER+/HER2- invasive breast cancer.”

Warf MB, et al. Analytical validation of a 12-gene molecular test for the prediction of distant recurrence in breast cancer. Future Sci 2017 June [Epub ahead of print]. doi:10.4155/fsoa-2017-0051.

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Reproducible performance characteristics with good precision.

“The EndoPredict (EPclin) test showed reproducible performance characteristics with good precision and negligible laboratory-to-laboratory variation.”

Kronenwett R, Bohmann K, Prinzler J, et al. Decentral gene expression analysis: analytical validation of the Endopredict genomic multianalyte breast cancer prognosis test. BMC Cancer 2012 Oct 5; 12:456.

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