myPath Melanoma impacts actual patient treatment.

“In 71.4% (55/77) of cases, there was a change from pre-test recommendations to actual treatment. The majority of changes were consistent with the test result. There was an 80.5% (33/41) reduction in the number of biopsy site re-excisions performed for cases with a benign test result. The actual treatment of diagnostically challenging melanocytic neoplasms is influenced by the test.”

Cockerell CJ, et al. The influence of a gene-expression signature on the treatment of diagnostically challenging melanocytic lesions. Per Med 2017; 14(2):123–30.

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myPath Melanoma impacts pathologist diagnosis.

“When the melanoma diagnostic score (MDS) was available as part of a comprehensive case evaluation in diagnostically challenging cases, definitive diagnoses were increased by 56.6% for cases that were initially indeterminate and changes in treatment recommendations occurred in 49.1% of cases. Treatment recommendations were changed to align with the test result in 76.6% of diagnostically challenging cases.”

Cockerell CJ, et al. The influence of a gene expression signature on the diagnosis and recommended treatment of melanocytic tumors by dermatopathologists. Medicine 2016; 95(40):e4887.

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