Presentation for Payer Precision Medicine Education by Shai Huffard King, MS, CGC

This webinar will discuss hereditary cancer panel genetic testing addressing common payers’ concerns with published data and societal guideline information. The presentation will define hereditary cancer within precision medicine, review a history of the relationship between hereditary cancer and payers, and examine the clinical shift from single syndrome testing to panel testing, all contributing to industry concerns around hereditary cancer panels.

Myriad myRisk: Benefitting Patients and Payers

Dr. Johnathan Lancaster describes the Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer multigene panel test and the benefits of testing for multiple cancers using a single test sample. He talks about how specific genes were selected for inclusion in myRisk and who should be considered for testing.

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Lab Accuracy Part I: Sequencing and Data Review

Next generation sequencing (NGS) allows for rapid sequencing of multiple genes concurrently. In the largest validation study of its kind, Myriad estimated analytical sensitivity of greater than 99.92% with 100% concordance on NGS/Sanger parallel sequencing in all genes in the Myriad myRisk panel and 100% concordance on large rearrangement validation. Yet, Myriad myRisk’s gold standard NGS technology serves as only one part of the many steps that Myriad pursues to ensure the highest quality and sensitivity for every sample that’s submitted.

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Lab Accuracy Part II: Variant Interpretation

Myriad’s myVision™ variant classification model is the industry gold standard in variant classification.

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myVision Variant Classification Program

Susan Manley, Senior Director of Medical Services, describes the myVision Variant Classification Program. She talks about how Myriad classifies genetic variants for proper patient counseling and management.

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