As pioneers in molecular diagnostics, our work at Myriad requires us to develop strong relationships with healthcare professionals and earn the confidence of patients. In that spirit, we manage information according to these core values:

  • Patient privacy,
  • Regulatory oversight, and
  • Compliance with existing laws and regulations.

Protection of Patient Privacy

We believe that a patient’s genetic information is personal and confidential. Myriad carefully runs its operations to adhere to strict policies and procedures that are designed to keep patient data safe and secure and to comply with state and federal regulations. We believe that patients alone should have the right to decide whether their genetic data is released into the public domain.

Regulatory Oversight of Variant Databases for Clinical Management

Myriad believes that variant classification databases used for clinical purposes should be subjected to regulatory oversight. Medical management decisions made on the basis of variant interpretations are crucial to the safety and well-being of patients, and we believe the use of unregulated databases poses risks to patients.

Commitment to Collaborate in Variant Classification for Research

Myriad will collaborate with laboratories performing noncommercial, academic research projects with Institutional Review Board approval, by reviewing variants of uncertain significance identified in the study. Variants classified as deleterious by Myriad will be communicated to the researcher for use in the study. Research proposals can be submitted to Myriad Genetics at