• What if I don’t have any health insurance at all?
    You can pay for the testing service yourself. If needed, we can set up an installment payment plan that is practical for you. We can even offer testing at no charge to uninsured patients in the U.S. who meet specific financial and medical criteria. Due to regulatory limitations, patients who are recipients of government-funded programs like Medicaid and Medicare are not eligible to apply for this assistance. Learn more about our Financial Assistance Program: https://myriad2020.wpengine.com/myriad-access-program/
  • How do I know if my health insurance will cover hereditary cancer testing?
    Most insurance carriers cover genetic testing services for hereditary cancer. Although each case is unique, the average patient pays nothing out of pocket. Myriad assists in obtaining the best possible reimbursement for each of the genetic tests we offer with the goal of making sure you receive the appropriate coverage from your insurance plan.
  • What kinds of payment plans does Myriad offer?
    If you receive a bill from Myriad, we are extremely flexible. We routinely offer an interest-free 25-month payment plan when your co-insurance, deductible or uncovered services will cost $375 or more. (That’s roughly $15 per month, with zero interest.) Our friendly staff will happily find a way to make the payments work for you. If you have concerns about your bill, you can contact us at the 800 number that appears on your bill and we guarantee that we will work with you to find an option that’s right for you.

Any more questions? We are here for you!