Myriad Holds Event to Support Patient Advocacy Groups

The evening of September 19th was a night filled with an abundance of fun and meaning in the Big Easy. A total of 200 genetic counselors attended Myriad Genetics’ Trivia Night at a local gathering place during the National Society of Genetic Counselors’ meeting in New Orleans. First, for every person who attended the event, Myriad donated $15 to three different organizations –Bright Pink, FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered and Sharsheret. All of these organizations are focused on educating their constituents about understanding their family history of breast and ovarian cancer. They provide information on prevention, early detection and improving the lives of those affected by these hereditary cancers. Thanks to the incredible turnout, $3,000 was donated to each organization to support their efforts in raising awareness and providing support.

Another highlight of the evening was having Kim Crimmins, her mother Pam and her Aunt DeeDee attend the event and share their story about dealing with a family history of cancer. Kim tested negative in a family with a known mutation for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. She told a compelling story and immediately got the crowd’s attention with “How y’all enjoying New Orleans!?” Kim was born and raised in Louisiana and comes from a family who talked about breast cancer like it was the next door neighbor – everyone in her family believed it wasn’t if they would get breast cancer, but when. Several of Kim’s first-degree relatives tested positive for the gene mutation, including her mother. After testing negative, Kim said, “Hereditary breast cancer stops here.” Another sure sign that information is power.

If you missed the event, you can hear Kim’s story here: and read her blog at:

This event demonstrates Myriad’s ongoing commitment to improving patients’ lives, not only through our pioneering genetic tests, but through our sponsorship of patient advocacy groups like these. We believe that it is important to support these organizations and the valuable resources and information they provide for people who are dealing with cancer.

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