Our Policy on Patient Privacy

At Myriad Genetics, with our privacy policy, we believe that patients should have access to their protected health information, including their genetic test results.  We believe that access to such genetic information enables the patient to make more informed and educated healthcare decisions.  Myriad has a number of resources to make it easier for patients to access their own genetic information (see https://myriad.com/patients-families/the-myriad-difference/your-privacy/).

We receive multiple requests for test results from patients and physicians every day and we provide that information in as timely a fashion as possible. We have a dedicated team of customer service professionals available to answer patient questions. For more information, patients can email us at HELPMED@MYRIAD.COM or call 1-800-4-MYRIAD.

A patient’s genetic information is private and confidential. Our policy is to protect private patient information and to comply with laws and regulations governing patient privacy. The laws and regulations surrounding patient privacy mean patient information, specifically genetic test results, generally can only be shared with the patient or the designated healthcare provider.  At Myriad, we believe that the patient alone has the right to decide if their own genetic information is shared publically. Before patients share their genetic test result publically, we encourage them to learn more about their own privacy rights.

See more in this video from Doctor Jonathan Lancaster, our Chief Medical Officer at Myriad Genetics.

If you have questions please direct them to the contact information below:

Quality and Compliance Department – Privacy Office 320 Wakara Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108 Email: compliance@myriad.com Phone: (801) 584-3600 For further Information about HIPAA, click here.