Patient Education

In providing education and counseling to your patients, Myriad’s Patient Education Tools can guide your discussions on hereditary cancer syndromes. Some patients may find sample family letters helpful for disclosing information to their family members. You can download our sample family letter for the Myriad Genetics MyRisk® test HERE.

These videos and brochures are patient guides to risk assessment and genetic testing, which cover key information necessary to obtain informed consent for genetic testing.

Patient brochures and aids

Myriad understands that visuals can sometimes be valuable for helping a patient understand genetic testing. To help with this, Myriad has developed a set of visual aids to help address some of the topics that may arise during a genetic counseling session prior to testing being ordered.

Every genetic counselor has their own style. Therefore, the aids below are available for you to explore and choose at your own discretion depending on your style and what you feel will help during your clinical sessions. The visual aids are also available in a digital and printable version, depending on whether you prefer to utilize an electronic version or printed hard-copy during a clinical session.

Digital Version

Printable Version

Informed consent

In some states* existing laws require healthcare providers (HCPs) to obtain informed consent for genetic tests. Due to changing state laws and regulations, it is the HCP’s responsibility to verify whether they practice in a state where informed consent is required prior to ordering genetic testing. If the HCP does practice in a state where informed consent is required, there is a section on the Test Request Form (TRF) labeled Healthcare Provider’s Signature where a signature is required to begin test processing. A copy of an Informed Consent Form is available below (also included in the test kit). Please contact your Myriad Customer Service Specialist at 800-469-7423 for additional information.

Informed Consent for Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing

Describes the benefits, risks, and limitations of genetic testing for inherited susceptibility to cancer.

Download Informed Consent document

Informed Consent Discussion

These videos have been produced as an example of an informed consent discussion. The actual elements of informed consent may vary by State requirements and societal guidelines*. You’ll want to explain to your patient what test you are recommending, why he/she is a candidate and why the test is important.

*These states include, but are not limited to, Alaska, New Mexico, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New York, Arizona and Florida.

For affected patients with current or previous diagnosis of cancer

For unaffected patients with family history of cancer

Myriad's family of products

  • Identifies risk of developing 11 hereditary cancers

  • Identifies risk of breast cancer recurrence to inform treatment strategies

  • Identifies BRCA1/2 mutations to inform treatment strategies

  • Identifies HRD status to inform treatment strategies

  • Identifies prostate cancer aggressiveness to inform treatment strategies

  • Identifies at-risk couples for a pregnancy affected by inherited conditions

  • Identifies risk of chromosomal conditions for expectant parents

  • Identifies how genes affect outcomes with certain mental health medications

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