The Importance of Patient Advocacy at Myriad

One of Myriad’s core values is our passion for patients worldwide and for transforming their lives with our innovative molecular diagnostic tests. That value is personified by Carolyn Dumond, who is our manager of Patient Advocacy and Education. Her untiring work on behalf of patients and their families is evidenced by the numerous advocacy partners Myriad supports. Now, her outstanding contributions are being recognized by PharmaVOICE magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People for 2016.

Carolyn wholeheartedly embraces her role as a representative voice for patients in all she does at Myriad. When asked why her work is so important, she said that educating patients gives them information that empowers them to make sound decisions, ask the right questions and actively participate in their treatment as they battle often debilitating diseases. “When people know more, they can do more.”

Myriad supports advocacy groups because we believe in in the essential work they do to provide resources for patients. Our engagement with these organizations is part of Myriad’s broader commitment to social responsibility and to making significant contributions to the communities in which we live and work.