Troubleshooting Secure Email Messages

The HIPAA Security Rule (45 CFR § 164.312 ) requires that covered entities provide adequate safeguards to protect the integrity of ePHI and prevent unauthorized access. In an effort to protect patient information and comply with federal regulation, Myriad utilizes a secure messaging system when transmitting sensitive or protected information via email.

If you are experiencing issues viewing or replying to a secure email message that you have received from Myriad, please take the following steps:

  • Upgrade your web browser to the most recent version or try using a new browser. Here is a list of supported browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0
    • Firefox 31.0
    • Google Chrome 37.0
    • Apple Safari 7.0 for Mac OS X
    • IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3
  • Press ‘Ctrl + F5’ to refresh the page and cache
  • Ensure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser
  • Add to your trusted sites
  • Disable Compatibility mode if you are using Internet Explorer

If you have taken the previously mentioned steps and continue to experience problems viewing or replying to secure email messages, please have your Myriad contact submit a helpdesk ticket to Myriad’s IT department.

We at Myriad Genetic Laboratories value the importance of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our patients’ information, and apologize for any inconvenience that you have encountered while using the secure email messaging system.