I’m the kind of person who does my research before making an important decision. As the only child of a single mom who worked as an electrical engineer at NASA, my scientific approach to life may be something I inherited. I really loved growing up on the sunny space coast and being a ‘NASA brat.’

When I learned that my fiance, Sejin, and I were going to have a baby I immediately started looking into the safety of ultrasounds and other types of prenatal testing. I had a lot of questions for my OB, who suggested I take the Prequel® Prenatal Screen and gave me a pamphlet. That started my love affair with Myriad. I love everything about Myriad.

I love how non-invasive the test is. I love the box the test comes in and the enclosed card with my number on it that lets me track the results online – a very cool part of the user experience. I emailed employees whenever I had a question and every person I’ve spoken with has been so nice, friendly, and on top of their game. Since I’m just finishing up school and money has been tight Myriad also helped us with financial aid. Another highlight was having my results explained by a genetic counselor.

“Here’s what I also loved: Finding out we’re having a girl!”
My results! Here’s what I also loved: Finding out we’re having a girl! I really wanted a girl! I’m my grandmother’s only grandchild so all we know in this family are girls. Sejin wasn’t quite as happy – I think he wanted a boy. But he’s also hoping a girl is calmer than he was as a toddler. We also learned that her chances of having any kind of chromosomal abnormality are really low.

“Getting answers – one way or the other – is a huge relief”
There’s a lot going on right now in our lives. Sejin and I are engaged to be married and our baby is due this fall. He just got a new job in sales and I’ve gotten a part-time job developing an interactive curriculum on statistics. I’m happy because it’s a great job for a new mom. (I still won’t make as much money as I did when working my way through college as a cocktail waitress on a gambling boat in Florida!)

Being pregnant is really stressful because you want to make sure you’re doing everything right for your baby. Taking the Prequel Prenatal Screen has helped me sleep better because getting answers – one way or the other – is a huge relief. I truly believe this type of non-invasive, personalized science is the bright future of medicine. Now I can focus on the fun things, like the baby registry and picking out a name.

-Lacey O.

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