Convenient, real-time access to sample status for patients and healthcare providers

Now patients and healthcare providers can access real-time status of any Counsyl genetic testing sample in Counsyl’s patient and provider portals.
Counsyl’s provider portal enables providers to order tests, access patient results, and view all documentation associated with Counsyl genetic counseling sessions. The My Counsyl patient portal enables patients to view cost estimates, access their results, and access or schedule genetic counseling sessions.
Through these same portals, patients and providers can access important sample status information, including:

  • Sample receipt date
  • Current sample status in the lab
  • Standard turnaround time estimation

Sample tracker statuses include:blogpost.png
In the next few weeks, when patients are notified that Counsyl has received their order or their sample, they will also be notified* of this new, self-service sample tracker.

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*If your practice does not utilize the results delivery function of Counsyl Complete, your patients will not be notified directly. If they set up an online account, they will see a sample tracker upon logging in which explains that results will be released to their provider when ready.

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