Over the past several weeks, incredible efforts have been made by healthcare professionals all over the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While it is not “business as usual,” regular healthcare processes and procedures such as genetic risk assessment are still needed to help inform decisions in patient care. Whether it be patients with concerning cancer family histories or those who are starting or growing their families, Myriad is your partner in patient care offering solutions to support your patients during this challenging time. 

Under our Myriad Complete umbrella, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions to make genetic risk assessment simple, flexible and affordable. 

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A few of our virtual solutions include:

  1. 1
    The option to place a Virtual Order and have a kit shipped directly to a patient so they can complete sample collection in the comfort and safety of their home.
  2. 2
    On-demand pre- and post-test patient education with Myriad patient educators who are certified genetic counselors
  3. 3
    Virtual Result Delivery options


We recognize that many of your patients are struggling financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Myriad, we never want cost to be a barrier to a patient receiving the genetic insights they need to make important healthcare decisions. Myriad has broad insurance coverage with 97% of private insurance companies having coverage for Myriad’s tests. In addition, 66% of patients receiving prenatal screening and 75% of patients receiving a hereditary cancer test will have no out-of-pocket costs.

For those patients who do have out-of-pocket costs, Myriad offers several financial assistance options that they may be eligible for.

  1. 1
    60% of patients are eligible for Myriad’s Tiered Financial Assistance Program (MFAP) which offers reduced out-of-pocket costs, based on a patient’s family income, size (up to 4x federal poverty guidelines), and medical expenses.
  2. 2
    Flexible payment plans allow interest-free payments for as little as $15/month
  3. 3
    Financial hardship support – if a patient is experiencing financial hardship, such as being furloughed or laid-off by their employer due to COVID-19, we will work directly with the patient to find an option that works for them, based on their financial situation. That is our Myriad Promise.

To learn more visit: https://myriad2020.wpengine.com/patient/myriad-access-program/

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