Introducing Human Understanding a new podcast series from Myriad Women’s Health. Each episode highlights real stories of providers in our communities who are managing through the current pandemic and revolutionizing patient care. They will be sharing actionable tips that may help in your own practice.

Dr. Sina Haeri* is a partner and chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Access Physicians, a multispecialty group that has been increasing access to care through telemedicine for several years. Dr. Haeri began using telemedicine as a major component of his practice 6 years ago before transitioning to full time telemedicine last year, well before COVID-19 turned it into a necessity.   

As an expert in this space, Dr. Haeri gives various tips on how to set up your own telemedicine practice – most importantly, how to make sure you’re providing the exact same level of care at a higher convenience for your patients. Dr. Haeri also discusses how cell-free DNA screening can minimize unnecessary in-patient exposure, especially during the pandemic, and he shares how having a trusted lab partner willing to help address patient needs is essential.

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*Dr. Haeri is a consultant for Myriad and a member of Myriad’s speaker bureau. Other healthcare providers referenced in the Human Understanding podcast series are consultants for Myriad and members of Myriad’s speaker bureau.

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