Company Milestones

Our Beginning

Myriad Genetics, Inc. is founded, making it one of the first genomics companies in history.


First Gene Discovery

Myriad announces the discovery of the P16 gene that is associated with hereditary melanoma.


BRCA1 Discovery

Myriad scientists publish in Science the discovery of the BRCA1 gene that is associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.


Public Company

Myriad becomes a public company and is traded on NASDAQ under the ticker: MYGN.


BRCA2 Discovery

Myriad announces the discovery of the BRCA2 gene that is associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.


BRACAnalysis® Launches

Myriad launches BRACAnalysis®, the first full length gene sequencing test for a major, common disease, for the oncology market.


PTEN Discovery

Myriad announces the discovery of the PTEN gene that is associated with a large number of cancers.


ProNet Launches

Myriad launches ProNet, a proprietary protein-interaction technology.


Myriad Pharmaceuticals

Myriad incorporates Myriad Pharmaceuticals to develop novel therapies.


COLARIS® Launches

Myriad launches COLARIS®, a genetic test for hereditary colorectal and uterine cancer.


Rice genome map

Myriad announces complete map of the rice genome.


MELARIS® Launches

Myriad launches MELARIS®, a test for melanoma. Myriad publishes in Cell, the discovery of a novel HIV cellular process.


COLARIS AP® Launches

Myriad launches COLARIS AP®, a genetic test for FAP colon cancer syndrome.


DEP1 Discovery

Myriad announces the discovery of major depression gene DEP1 in collaboration with Abbott Laboratories.


Myriad submits investigational new drug applications

Myriad submits investigational new drug applications on two cancer drugs to FDA.


100,000 tests

Myriad tests 100,000 women for breast cancer predisposition.


Clinical Trial for Phase 2 Alzheimer's drug

Myriad announces results of a Phase 2 Alzheimer’s drug clinical trial.


BART Launches

Myriad launches BART, a large rearrangement test for high-risk patients with breast cancer.


Phase 2 clinical trial for Azixa

Myriad announces third Phase 2 clinical trial for Azixa, a molecular disruption agent.


Preventative BRACAnalysis® Launches

Myriad launches BRACAnalysis® for the women’s health preventative care market, significantly expanding access to genetic cancer testing.


Prolaris® Launches

Myriad launched Prolaris®, the first ever prognostic test to predict prostate cancer survival and help guide treatment decisions.


PARP Companion Diagnostics

Myriad enters into three companion diagnostic collaborations for PARP inhibitors used in patients with ovarian cancer.


One-Million Milestone

The one-millionth patient is tested with BRACAnalysis® test.


BRACAnalysis CDx® Receives FDA Approval

Myriad receives FDA approval for its BRACAnalysis CDx® test to identify patients with ovarian cancer who may benefit from the PARP inhibitor Lynparza (olaparib).


Expansion into Mental Health

Myriad acquires Assurex Health and the GeneSight® genetic test for several mental health conditions.


EndoPredict® Launches

EndoPredict® test is launched in the United States, providing three separate results to optimize treatment for patients with breast cancer.


RiskScore® Launches

Myriad launches RiskScore® test, providing women with a comprehensive, personalized breast cancer risk assessment.


BRACAnalysis CDx® Companion Diagnostic

Myriad receives FDA approval for BRACAnalysis CDx® as a companion diagnostic for Lynparza in patients with metastatic breast cancer.


Expansion into Reproductive Health

Myriad acquires Counsyl and enters the reproductive genetic testing market.


RiskScore® Validation in Additional Ancestries

Myriad validates first ever polygenic risk assessment to predict breast cancer risk in women of Hispanic ancestry.


Paul Diaz Named CEO

Paul J. Diaz appointed president and chief executive officer of Myriad Genetics.


Helping More Patients

Myriad Genetics joins forces with Intermountain Precision Genomics for a comprehensive offering of germline and somatic tumor testing services.


Expanding Access to Genetic Testing

Myriad Genetics launches the first polygenic breast cancer risk assessment score (RiskScore®) validated for women of all ancestries.


Launch of Precise™ Solutions

Myriad Genetics advances precision oncology with new Precise Solutions, combining genetic insights from multiple tests to guide treatment decisions and improve patient care.


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