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Genetic insights to give every man with prostate cancer a better answer

Myriad’s UroSuite delivers clinically actionable information for every stage of your patients’ prostate cancer journey.


Genetic insights to give every man with prostate cancer a better answer

Myriad’s UroSuite delivers clinically actionable information for every stage of your patients’ prostate cancer journey.

Comprehensive, personalized care for prostate cancer

Gaining individualized genetic insights about your patient’s prostate cancer gives you the information you need to decide on the best treatment plan – and increase their odds for a healthy future.

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Testing can significantly alter recommended treatment for improved patient outcomes. Watch this video to learn more.

Myriad’s UroSuite offers:

Clinically actionable, comprehensive results

From industry-leading risk stratification to unmatched variant classification programs, Myriad’s tests lead the industry in clinical utility, helping you clarify risk, make informed decisions and improve outcomes.

Fast, simple processes

Streamlined ordering processes for one or more Myriad Urology tests make it easy to implement efficient workflow solutions into your practice and offer guideline-based care with ease.

Access to expert support

Myriad’s Certified Genetic Counselors are available to provide educational support to your patients and answer questions at no cost – before, during and after testing.

Meet Myriad UroSuite

The complete suite of tests for a full prostate cancer workup

Myriad’s UroSuite gives health care providers the ability to directly order a complete suite of tests for comprehensive insights to guide prostate cancer treatment, including:

  • Prolaris® Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test
  • MyRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test
  • Precise Tumor

Myriad Genetics is the only lab to offer comprehensive testing across the spectrum of prostate cancer care, along with best-in-class support and specialists for you and your patients at every step.

Ease of ordering

Ordering all tests through one company saves time and allows for a more efficient, streamlined process. Our physician portal allows you to easily order multiple tests concurrently and receive results with a simple summary sheet.

“The process that we have is very simple and straightforward. We’re doing the right things for our patients, and not overburdening our staff has become an extremely important part of our practice. We’ve been able to achieve that by working very closely with Myriad.”

Dr. Angelo Baccala
Director of Urology at Leigh Valley Health Network

More answers, more clarity

Prolaris is the only biomarker with two validated thresholds that provide better risk stratification at biopsy. And Myriad’s germline tests have robust industry-leading variant classification programs and a rigorous verification system. This means that sending all tests – both tumor and germline – to Myriad solves lab discordance and qualifies more patients for targeted therapies and clinical trials.

Explore Myriad’s UroSuite genetic tests

UroSuite includes three advanced tests, each offering the unique insights needed to make effective, appropriate treatment decisions at each phase of your patient’s journey.
MyRisk™ product signature

MyRisk is a germline test that offers a multi-gene panel to determine a patient’s risk of developing secondary cancers, as well as their children’s risk for the same germline mutations. MyRisk can also qualify patients for newer, personalized treatments such as PARP and immunotherapy.

Precise™ Tumor product signature

A somatic test that assesses 500+ genes, as well as key biomarkers like MSI, TMB and PD-L1, to determine if a patient’s tumor may be appropriate for novel therapies or clinical trials.

Prolaris® product signature

A cell-cycle proliferation-based biomarker that provides results as early as your patient’s first cancer consultation and determines how aggressive the cancer is behaving. Prolaris eliminates guesswork around cancer risk by combining clinical and pathological features with a personalized tumor aggressiveness score.

30 years of guiding precision medicine

Myriad has invested over 30 years in developing tests and solutions that help provide the best answers and care possible.

Our tests are:


Myriad is committed to providing patients with access to accurate and affordable genetic results. Through excellent insurance coverage and financial assistance programs, providers and patients can feel confident knowing Myriad has options for each patient’s situation.

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Myriad tests offer industry-leading accuracy so you can feel confident in the results. From hereditary cancer to precision medicine, our tests are designed to give providers and patients the most accurate answers possible.


Myriad makes genetic testing simple with clear, actionable results. We create easy-to-understand reports to ensure that both patients and their providers can use the information to guide treatment options based on national medical guidelines.



Myriad believes that results and genetic information belong to the patient. We take multiple steps to ensure that the security and privacy of patient data is not compromised, and we believe that patients should be in control of their information.

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