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Genetic testing from Myriad Oncology

Cancer treatment made clear

You are committed to identifying the best cancer treatments for your patients. Genetic testing can provide the answers you’re looking for to create personalized medical management plans for more effective patient care.

Genetic testing from Myriad Oncology

Cancer treatment made clear

You are committed to identifying the best cancer treatments for your patients. Genetic testing can provide the answers you’re looking for to create personalized medical management plans for more effective patient care.

Find treatment clarity in cancer complexity

Get the clarity you need to navigate each patient’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. Genetic testing helps you determine comprehensive cancer treatment options based on unique cancer features for each patient you treat – and increases their odds for a healthy future.

Myriad Oncology’s genetic tests offer:

  • Clinically actionable, comprehensive results
  • Fast, simple processes
  • Affordable access to testing

Explore Myriad Oncology’s genetic tests

Find the right test for each patient you treat.

BRACAnalysis CDx product signature

FDA-approved germline companion diagnostic test for patients with breast, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

EndoPredict product signature

Genomic prognostic test for patients newly diagnosed with early-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

MyChoice® CDx product signature

The most comprehensive FDA-approved tumor test that determines HRD status in women with ovarian cancer.

MyRisk™ product signature

Germline hereditary cancer test capable of identifying risk for 11 hereditary cancers.

Precise™ Tumor product signature

Discover and target important variants within tumors.

Prolaris® product signature

A genetic test for untreated men with prostate cancer that can determine how quickly the cancer is growing and cancer recurrence risk. 

Introducing Precise™ Oncology Solutions

Multiple genetic tests, one seamless experience.

Precise Oncology Solutions provides a streamlined testing experience that gives you the ability to receive comprehensive results from germline testing, tumor profiling and companion diagnostic options, including HRD* testing, with just one order.

Myriad Oncology Solutions

* For patients with ovarian cancer

† Precise Tumor is powered by Intermountain Precision Genomics, a service of Intermountain® Healthcare

Germline graphic

Germline and tumor testing reveal the whole story

Tumor testing can identify changes in genes of cancer cells, but may present limitations including unknown variants, limited tumor tissue and missed large rearrangements. Germline testing evaluates for hereditary mutations and can inform targeted therapies and surgical decisions. Combine them both to uncover a patient’s full cancer story and create a powerful treatment plan.

A partner to you and your patients

Myriad has invested over 30 years in developing tests and solutions that help provide the best answers and care possible.

Our tests are: 


Myriad offers industry-leading accuracy so you can feel confident in the results. From hereditary cancer to precision medicine, our tests are designed to give providers and patients the most accurate answers possible.

Myriad accuracy


Myriad is committed to providing patients with access to accurate and affordable genetic results. Through excellent insurance coverage and financial assistance programs, providers and patients can feel confident knowing Myriad has options for each patient’s situation.

Affordable genetic testing results


Myriad makes genetic testing simple with clear, actionable results. We created easy-to-understand reports to ensure that both patients and their providers can use the information to identify further treatment options based on national medical guidelines.

Myriad actionable


Myriad believes that results and genetic information belong to the patient. We take multiple steps to ensure that the security and privacy of patient data is not compromised, and we believe that patients should be in control of their information.

Myriad ensures privacy and security

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