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Foresight® Carrier Screen

Genetic insights to help every hopeful parent plan for the path ahead

Carrier screening identifies couples who are at risk of passing serious inherited conditions to their children. Foresight elevates quality of care by offering carrier screening for all patients, regardless of ancestry or ability to pay.

Foresight® Carrier Screen

Genetic insights to help every hopeful parent plan for the path ahead

Carrier screening identifies couples who are at risk of passing serious inherited conditions to their children. Foresight elevates quality of care by offering carrier screening for all patients, regardless of ancestry or ability to pay.

Guide family planning decisions for parents of every ancestry

Through proven, superior technology, Foresight is designed to maximize the detection of couples at risk of passing down a serious, inheritable condition to their baby.

Why screen with Foresight?

Screen for diseases that matter most

Bigger is not always better. Foresight’s carefully selected panel of 267 genes prioritizes clinical significance. These genes were selected based on associated condition severity, condition prevalence, clinical actionability of results, and detection sensitivity.

Detect at-risk couples with unmatched technology

Foresight offers the highest published at-risk couple detection rate for serious inherited conditions (1 in 22 couples)1 in our Universal panel. You can trust both positive and negative screening results – the detection rate for the vast majority of genes on our panel is over 99% across ethnicities.2

Test with a proven, trusted partner

Foresight is the only validated carrier screening panel in the US, backed by 20+ peer-reviewed publications and >1.6M patients screened.

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Flexible panel choices for personalized care

Foresight offers four panel choices that allow you to test for up to 267 genes associated with serious and prevalent inherited conditions.


Cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, and fragile X

Fundamental Plus

Focused set of 14 conditions, including ACOG-recommended conditions associated with ethnicity


176 conditions associated with serious and prevalent inherited conditions

Universal Plus

Comprehensive panel of 267 conditions including ACMG Tier 3 category recommended conditions*

See all conditions screened

Panels may be customized based on clinical needs.

* F8 and FXN genes recommended by ACMG are not included

Clear, actionable results to guide planning and care

Every Foresight Carrier Screen delivers a detailed report that includes test results, testing methodology, carrier results for each condition, and recommended next steps for patient care based on medical society guidelines.

For patients receiving a positive carrier result for one of the screened conditions, the Foresight report provides a comprehensive overview of the condition(s), the patient’s specific variant(s), and details about the screening methodology and interpretation. Positive carrier results also provide recommended next steps, which may include partner testing and/or genetic counseling.

Test results are typically available within two weeks of sample submission (blood or saliva).

Guide informed planning and preparation

Foresight’s results help clinicians guide care and empower patients to take action to make the best decision for their families.

    Pursuing diagnostic testing

    Consulting with specialists

    Planning for pregnancy and delivery

    Understanding alternative family-building options

Informed planning and preparation

Foresight Patient story

Meet the Pantier family

After screening with Foresight, Ashley and her husband discovered that they are both carriers of spinal muscular atrophy, also known as SMA. Knowing the Pantiers’ carrier status allowed physicians to diagnose their children faster and intervene quickly with time-sensitive treatment.

“If it weren’t for the results of our carrier screening, we wouldn’t have had such a great plan of action to help our children.”

—Ashley Pantier

Expert patient support at every step

From on-demand patient education to clear results reporting, Myriad offers seamless patient care throughout the entire Foresight screening process.

Foresight patients have unlimited access to one of Myriad’s 50+ board-certified genetic counselors to help understand the steps of carrier and prenatal screenings and their results.

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Testing with Foresight is simple

Discuss Foresight screening with your patient and collect a patient sample (blood or saliva)

Submit patient sample and completed Test Request Form to Myriad

Receive results in about two and a half weeks and review with patient

Refer patients to schedule a consultation with Myriad’s board-certified genetic counselors

Myriad offers several ordering options for our screens to better serve your patients and your practice, including portals for online ordering and options for sending Foresight screening kits directly to your patients’ homes. 

What to expect with every screen


Every Foresight Carrier Screen provides actionable results within two and a half weeks to inform patient care decisions.


Myriad is committed to providing patients with access to reliable and affordable genetic results through extensive coverage with most insurance plans and financial assistance programs. 


Myriad believes in providing the highest quality tests for patients. From prenatal screens to precision medicine, our tests are designed to give healthcare providers and patients the most reliable answer possible.

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Foresight resources


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Foresight Carrier Screen Test Kit