Evolving Strategies in Genetics and Genomics 2024

Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing in Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals

Speakers: Shelly Weiss McQuaid, MS, CGC & Sarah Hunt, MS, CGC

Please join us for our upcoming webinar, which will review the background on barriers and discuss advances in hereditary cancer risk assessment for gender-diverse individuals. Key takeaways include:

  • Reviewing how the integration of hereditary cancer risk assessment and genetic testing can individualize gender-affirming care for transgender and nonbinary youth and adults.
  • Discussing resources to enhance research and clinical skillsets to improve healthcare equity for gender-diverse populations.
  • Examining barriers faced by transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals seeking hereditary cancer risk assessment.

Mastering Breast Cancer Genetics and Genomics

Welcome to the 3-Part Webinar Series centered around the entire genetics and genomics landscape in Breast Cancer, covering patients at high risk, those who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or in survivorship. This series will equip you with the expertise to seamlessly integrate genetic and genomic testing into your clinical practice.


Part 1 – Foundations and Application of Germline Testing

In Part One, we will delve into the Foundations and Applications of Germline Testing. Join us as we engage with experts in the field, including Jennifer Lazzara, DNP, ARNP, CGRA, who leads a Breast Cancer Genetics Clinic at Cancer Care Northwest, and Laura Brzeskiewicz, CGC, and Medical Science Liaison Manager at Myriad Genetics.


Part 2 – Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and High-Risk Management

In Part 2 of our 3-Part series exploring the comprehensive genetics and genomics landscape in breast cancer, we’ll dive into Risk Assessment and High-Risk Management. Come along as we explore strategies and tests to assess breast cancer risk and tools for implementing a high-risk breast program in your practice. Let’s identify patients together who are at high risk for breast cancer so we can #BeatBreastCancer.


Part 3 – Hot Topics in Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

Join Eric Manahan, MD, MBA, FACS, a leading expert in general and breast surgery, as he shares insights on trending topics in genetic testing for breast cancer. In this webinar, Dr. Manahan covers the importance and underutilization of genetic testing in breast cancer, disparities in genetic testing, unlocking the potential of tumor genomics, exciting research opportunities, and much more. Don’t miss out — register today to secure your spot and gain valuable insights on how to elevate your approach to patient care.

Unable to attend live? The recordings will be posted here after the live event.