The Myriad Pledge

Myriad is dedicated, above all else, to improving patient care through pioneering research and the development of innovative molecular diagnostic tests.

Since 1991, the Company has invested more than $1 billion to enhance the world’s collective scientific understanding of disease through collaborative research, outreach and education and to translate that knowledge into molecular and companion diagnostic tools that save and improve the lives of the patients we serve.

Today – and everyday – we reaffirm our commitment to serving as both a trusted advisor to patients and healthcare professionals and a collaborator with the scientific community.

Our Pledge to Patients and the Research Community

Research is integral to scientific progress and the translation of these research discoveries into accurate, clinically actionable tools is essential to patient care.

The Myriad Pledge: Myriad has supported and continues to support research institutions in the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge, and we will not impede noncommercial, academic research that uses patented technology licensed or owned by us.

Every patient has the right to have a second opinion confirmation of test results before making medical management decisions.

The Myriad Pledge: Myriad will continue its practice of not interfering with laboratories that conduct genetic testing on patients for the purpose of confirming a test result provided by Myriad.

Molecular and companion diagnostic testing that saves lives and lowers healthcare costs must be broadly accessible.

The Myriad Pledge: Myriad will continue to offer our financial assistance program and free testing to help patients with the greatest need.

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