Variant Classification Request

Myriad Genetics’ Lifetime Commitment

Myriad Genetics’ Lifetime Commitment means that we continuously monitor scientific and clinical data for all our genes and variants, and adjust our classifications as needed.

When a variant in any gene on our hereditary cancer panels is reclassified as clinically actionable, we will issue an amended report to the healthcare provider.

Reclassifications that do not impact the clinical care of patients (e.g. uncertain to likely benign), will no longer receive an amended report.

Variant classification request form

If you would like to check Myriad’s current classification of a variant in any gene on the MyRisk® panel, please do so by submitting the form below:

 Please enter the variant exactly as indicated on the Myriad report. If you are requesting information about a variant not reported by Myriad please use HGVS nomenclature (e.g. c.68_69delAG)

If you need an urgent response for clinical patient care, please call our Medical Services team at
800-469-7423 ext. 3850

Variant classification responses will reflect information based on the specific variant name entered on this form. Please review the gene and variant information entered to help ensure you receive the information you are looking for.


If you have questions or concerns about a specific patient please contact one our Genetic Counselors at 800-469-7423 ext. 3850 or [email protected]

For patients

If you are a patient who has been tested at Myriad and are looking for a copy of your genetic test result, you can submit a request for a copy of your report here:

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