The Preventive Care marketing team had the opportunity to attend the ACOG District II show in New York a few weeks ago. This year Myriad had a presentation about Incorporating Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment into healthcare professionals’ practices.  Dr. Frieder from California attended and spoke along with one of our patients, Cynthia Kimball.

Cynthia was a great speaker and shared her story with those in attendance. She is from a family with 5 sisters and ALL 5 sisters are affected with a BRCA mutation.  She and her sisters have been featured many times in various news articles. Below are the links to an article in People Magazine and an interview with CNN.

Dr. Frieder explained how to incorporate hereditary cancer risk assessment into your practice by using a family history questionnaire for every patient.  I always enjoy hearing Dr. Frieder speak, he is so passionate about what he does and it truly shows.  He is also very knowledgeable on the subject of hereditary cancer risk.

We always enjoy going to ACOG District II and have always had a great group to speak with.

Cynthia Kimball and Dr Frieder

Cynthia Kimball and Dr. Frieder after their talk

Myriad Preventive Care Marketing Team

The Myriad Preventive Care Marketing Team with patient speaker Cynthia Kimball

– Becky Graham
Associate Product Manager