What is GeneSight?

GeneSight Psychotropic
GeneSight Psychotropic

GeneSight Psychotropic is a laboratory developed genetic test that looks at many of the genes involved when your body processes certain types of medicines.  It is the only genetic test that provides this combined view to help your healthcare provider know which medicines may be a match for your genes. GeneSight gives your healthcare provider important information to help you get on the right medicine.

Multiple clinical studies have shown that when clinicians used GeneSight to help guide treatment decisions, patients were twice as likely to respond to the selected medication. Plus, with treatment guided by GeneSight, patients saw a 70% greater improvement in their symptoms versus usual treatment.1

GeneSight Psychotropic

The GeneSight Psychotropic laboratory developed test analyzes how your genes affect the way your body may respond to FDA-approved medicines commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or other behavioral health conditions.

The information from the GeneSight test can help your healthcare provider select the medicine(s) and dose(s) that are best suited to your condition and genetic makeup. Medicines that align well with your genes may work better with fewer side effects.

GeneSight is based on pharmacogenomics—the study of how genes affect a person’s response to medicines. This test was developed in the Assurex Health clinical laboratory and is based on patented technology licensed from two world renowned medical centers, Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, who continue to be research collaborators.

GeneSight Psychotropic: Genes and Medications

The test provides information regarding 99% of antidepressant prescriptions for depression

Talk to your healthcare provider about which treatment is best for you and your specific condition. Click here to learn about the medications covered by GeneSight Psychotropic: https://genesight.com/patients/genesight/psychotropic/

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