Hereditary Colon Cancer InfographicMarch is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a good time to learn about hereditary colon cancer and how to lower the risk of developing cancer. Hereditary colon cancer accounts for five to 10 percent of all colon cancer and is caused by a genetic mutation that is inherited from either parent.

  1. Early occurrence (50 years of age) of cancer in any individual or family member.
  2. Multiple cases of cancer in an individual and/or family member.
  3. Rare or uncommon occurrences of cancer in personal and/or family history.

If there has been a history of this cancr in your family, you may have a significantly increased risk of developing it and should consider:

  1. Colonoscopies before age of 50 at a frequency of more than once every 10 years
  2. Hereditary cancer testing to determine if there is an inherited genetic mutation associated with this cancer.

Take this free 30-second quiz to learn if you’re at increased risk for a hereditary cancer like this one: and talk with your doctor if you have any question about your health.

Myriad Genetics at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Paul J. Diaz, president and chief executive officer, Bryan Riggsbee, chief financial officer, and Dale Muzzey, chief scientific officer, presented at the 41st annual J.P. Morgan (JPM) Healthcare Conference.