Myriad is excited to announce the launch of the online Hereditary Cancer Quiz. This quiz was designed for the general public as an easy to use, online quiz that can help determine if you are a candidate for hereditary cancer testing.

The intent of the quiz is to not only to see if you are possibly a candidate for hereditary cancer testing but to also assist you in having a conversation with your healthcare professional about your full family history. Since the launch of the online quiz, we have had over 1,000 participants determine their hereditary cancer risk.

There is a large population of individuals in the United States that are at elevated risk for hereditary cancer that have not yet been tested. This is a great step for patients to take an active role in their health care management.

We are really excited to have this new opportunity for patients and providers to better identify individuals at risk.

The quiz can be found at:

Investor Day

August 11, 2022