Adam A. Ofer, MD, is a board-certified Ob/Gyn and the Director of Gynecology at the Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut.  His focus is in urogynecology and minimally-invasive surgery, including da Vinci surgery (a minimally invasive alternative to both open surgery and laparoscopy). 

 Adam A. Ofer

We are very lucky to have Dr. Ofer as one of our healthcare professional speakers here at Myriad.  He believes that the days of treating every patient in the same standardized way are over. To truly make a positive impact in a patient’s life the provider must make an assessment as to what diseases they are truly at risk for. One of the most useful tools for this is gathering a patient’s full family history. This is an incredible and non-invasive window into each person’s genetic makeup.

“By actively screening my patients with a family history questionnaire and testing appropriate patients on the spot for hereditary cancer gene mutations I have made a bigger impact in my patients’ lives than with any other intervention I have taken in my practice.”

Dr. Ofer has always made a huge impact on his patients and was recently honored in an online post by one of his patients who said “This tribute is to honor Dr. Adam Ofer for his tireless efforts in educating his patients, other healthcare professionals and different community groups alike of the dangers that hereditary breast and ovarian cancer pose to all. Specifically, this dedication is to show our sincerest gratitude for the man who saved my life.”


We are grateful to have him support such an amazing cause and for being a speaker, teacher, and inspiration to others.


You can read the full post honoring Dr. Ofer HERE

—Becky Graham
Associate Product Manager|Preventive Care