At Myriad, corporate responsibility plays an important role in our approach to discovering and delivering valuable, transformative diagnostic tests across
all major diseases to improve patients’ lives. Our corporate social responsibility programs are designed to:

  • · Build greater value for our patients, healthcare professionals and shareholders;
  • · Support and improve the communities where we live and work; and
  • · Empower our employees to become more engaged in the well-being of their own communities.

The corporate social responsibility programs at Myriad are aligned with four clear priorities including:

  • Patient Assistance
  • Scholarship
  • Advocacy
  • Philanthropy

In fiscal 2015, our patient assistance program increased 13 percent and the Company provided approximately 4,500 free tests to patients in need because we
believe every patient should have access to our high-quality molecular diagnostic products.

To learn more about our corporate giving programs at Myriad visit:

Investor Day

August 11, 2022