Counsyl, Inc. has combined with Myriad Genetics’ Preventive Care business unit to form Myriad Women’s Health, Inc., a premier genetic screening and personalized medicine testing company.

Our genetic screens and tests provide actionable information, empowering women and their families to make critical and timely healthcare decisions, whether they’re thinking about starting a family or evaluating risk for hereditary cancer.

We strive to put patients first, clinicians in control and costs in their place. We seek to transform the execution of complex genetic testing and screening through our three high-value products that include end-to-end workflow features making for seamless delivery of Myriad Women’s Health’s products to patients.

MyRisk Hereditary Cancer

Help patients get ahead of cancer with our hereditary cancer test.

Foresight® Carrier Screen

Unmatched detection of at-risk couples for serious conditions.

PrequelTM Prenatal Screen

Reliable results, the first time with our noninvasive prenatal screen.

Myriad CompleteTM

A proprietary suite of solutions, designed to deliver high quality care to every patient when it comes to Myriad Women’s Health products, without additional burden on your practice.

Visit our website to learn more about Myriad Women’s Health, our vision, and our offerings.