Our legacy is that of one of the first genomic companies in history. We pioneered the first commercial molecular diagnostic test for hereditary breast and
ovarian cancers. We developed the first molecular diagnostic test that could accurately assess the aggressiveness of a man’s prostate cancer. Our
scientific breakthroughs have helped launch a global revolution in genomic-based healthcare. More than ever, we are passionate about providing better
quality molecular diagnostic products and services.

We believe that strategic investments in R&D are what nurture innovation, leading to new or improved diagnostic products and services sold to the
global market. Last year alone, Myriad’s research produced a record three diagnostic product launches, including new tests for hereditary cancers, melanoma
and lung cancer. We’re very proud of those accomplishments, which we hope will improve outcomes for many people worldwide.

We’re also proud to employ thousands of scientists, technicians and sales representatives in high-wage and highly skilled jobs. Nowhere will you find a
more passionate and talented team of professionals who are working together to improve human health. We strive to be the preferred research partner in the
molecular diagnostics industry, and we’re actively seeking out the best science wherever it resides. Scroll down our list of scientific collaborations, and you’ll
quickly see the breadth of our connections in both the academic and biopharmaceutical research communities.

Numbers can sometimes tell the story better than words, so here are some facts about our research commitment.

  • 180
    scientific papers and abstracts published since 2011
  • 58
    academic research partnerships
  • 20
    pharmaceutical company collaborations
  • 16
    new products in our clinical development pipeline
  • $200
    million invested in research in the past four years

Our aspiration for FY2015 is to advance our innovative R&D pipeline. We promise to update you on our progress. In the meantime, click on this link to learn more about research at Myriad.