After a prostate cancer diagnosis, choosing an appropriate treatment path can be incredibly stressful for you and your loved ones. Further complicating the problem is that unlike many other forms of cancer, there are several ways that Prostate cancer can be treated.

The Prolaris test results come with a patient-friendly summary page designed to help you clearly and confidently understand which treatment pathway is right for you.

Men with Prostate cancer that is not considered to be aggressive, may be safely monitored using Active Surveillance. While it is normal to feel some unease with choosing to just watch your cancer, Active Surveillance is the recommended management option for most men with lower risk cancers.

Men with more aggressive tumors should undergo treatment. The type and intensity of the treatment are usually tailored to the potential risk of the disease. Single-modal therapy means one form of treatment is recommended. The most common forms of treatment include surgical removal of the prostate, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy.

Men with very aggressive cancer may be offered multi-modal therapy, which employs two or more therapies planned at the onset of treatment. National cancer guidelines offer treatment option suggestions based on the patient’s risk and potential treatment outcomes.