I’ve received my kit. Now what?

Three simple steps to complete your Myriad Genetics MyRisk® testing journey


Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider

Don’t have one? We can help you find a healthcare provider in your area. Contact our team at [email protected] or (800) 469-7423


Bring your MyRisk kit to your appointment

With your provider, read over the instructions and included documents and complete the test request form. The form must include a signature from your healthcare provider for us to process your sample.


Send back your sample

Follow the instructions inside your kit on how to provide a saliva sample. You can do this at home or at your provider’s office. Seal and ship your kit back using the included shipping label.

Your results will be ready in about 7-14 days after we receive your sample

A personalized genetic test result, with medical society-based management guidelines, will be sent to your healthcare provider in about 7-14 days after the saliva sample has been received by Myriad Genetics.

Sample Collection Instructions

Download the Virtual Ordering Instructions here: English / Spanish

We are here for you

If at any time you need help with completing your kit, let us know:

Call: 1-800-469-7423

Email: [email protected]