EndoPredict®: Know your breast cancer aggressiveness to guide treatment decisions.

EndoPredict helps you understand your risk of breast cancer recurrence, allowing you and your doctor make informed choices about your breast cancer treatment.

Learn your risk to guide your treatment.

For patients with ER+, HER2-, node negative or node positive breast cancer in early stages, EndoPredict is a prognostic genomic test that calculates the chance that your cancer will return in the 10 years after treatment. Knowing this measure of how aggressive your breast cancer is will help your provider determine your treatment path, including whether or not chemotherapy will benefit you in addition to standard endocrine therapy.

How do I know if my breast cancer is ER+, HER2-?

The first biopsy of your breast cancer checks for the amount of protein made by different genes in your tumor, including the ER (Estrogen receptor) gene, the PR (Progesterone receptor) gene, and the HER2 (Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) gene. Tumors that make the ER protein but not the HER2 protein are called ER positive (ER+) and HER2 negative (HER2-). For ER+ and HER2- tumors, additional genomic testing like EndoPredict can be done to help determine the best course of treatment.

What do your EndoPredict test results mean?

The EndoPredict test results provide details about your specific breast cancer, including the risk of it returning in the 10 years after treatment if you do not have chemotherapy. If your EndoPredict results indicate you have a high risk of your breast cancer returning, your doctor may decide to add chemotherapy to your treatment plan, which may help significantly lower the otherwise high risk of recurrence. In addition, EndoPredict enables you to make long-term treatment decisions with your provider using the results of the only test that can predict the risk of your cancer returning up to 15 years after initial diagnosis.

EndoPredict Cost & Affordability

At Myriad, we believe every patient should have access to the highest quality testing so their healthcare providers can deliver the best medical care possible. When one of our tests, including EndoPredict, is ordered for you, we will work with your insurance provider to help you get the appropriate coverage allowed by your plan.

If you have questions about billing or coverage, please call Myriad at 800-469-7423 for more details.

Your next steps for testing

To understand your risk of breast cancer recurrence and guide your treatment options, download the EndoPredict patient guide and ask your doctor about EndoPredict.