It was 6 years ago that I learned I was BRCA2+. The Myriad myRisk® test was encouraged by my OB/GYN based on my family history. Every day I thank God for Vicky, my Nurse Practitioner, for educating and encouraging me to take the test.

After receiving my results, I went to a Genetic Counselor who went over my options. I elected doing 2 years of scans on my breast and ovaries to monitor for any changes. I was 31 years old with a new baby girl and 3 year old daughter when my doctor asked me to come in to review my scan results.

I was in shock when he informed me, they found Stage II Triple Negative breast cancer. I had no signs or symptoms of cancer. I wasn’t tired or sick or had any inflammation or lump.

This genetic test SAVED my life.

As the Founder and CEO of NothingPink, I have made it my mission to increase awareness of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and provide personalized support for individuals at high risk.

I am determined to help woman to never see the “pink world.”

I feel empowered knowing my genetic makeup and being able to make better healthcare choices because of it.

While my girls are very young, knowing my #MomGenes allows me to also make healthy choices for them.

This test saves lives. It saved the time that could have been taken from me with my family. If you have a family history of cancer, it may potentially do the same for you with your families. I’m so thankful and grateful that a simple blood test was the very thing that gave me power and knowledge to be here with my sweet family.

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