We are heartbroken over the systemic discrimination and racism that have persisted in this nation for too long. We have been quiet in reflection but believe that staying silent is an unacceptable reaction – we condemn systemic racism or racism of any kind, particularly the inexcusable injustice that continues against the Black community.  We spoke with some of our Black colleagues last week about their pain, fear, and expectations, and we continue to be spurred collectively into action.  

At Myriad, we acknowledge that our organization can do better and must learn more about, and actively participate in, breaking down barriers to create a world in which every human is treated equitably.

We will continue to engage our Black employees and the Black community on how to create an inclusive environment at Myriad where all can be heard and can thrive. We have a responsibility to improve the genetic understanding of disease for people of African ancestry. Furthermore, we will continue to invest the necessary time and resources to advance this research and access to genetic testing.

We will be steadfast and determined in this commitment, and we will be better for it. The measures of our success will be action and change, and we ask that you hold us accountable to those measures. We will not let you down. 

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