Myriad Oncology understands that even during these challenging times individuals still need genetic testing to provide critical information for treatment and health care decisions. That’s why our team and your healthcare providers are working together to deliver simple and affordable virtual care options in the safety and comfort of your home.

What virtual services are available?

Genetic test kits sent to you:

Your healthcare provider can order Myriad genetic tests online and do not require an in-office visit.

Saliva and blood sample collections kits are available to be sent to individuals through the mail. For more information on how to provide a saliva sample, please click here.

If you or your doctor opted for a blood sample, your doctor can arrange to have your blood drawn in the convenience and safety of your home using a mobile phlebotomy service. Please work with them to learn more on next steps.

Patient Education Resources:

Myriad’s Patient Education Program allows you to virtually speak with a board-certified genetic counselor to have your questions answered about Myriad genetic tests prior to being tested. You are also able to speak to a genetic counselor after testing, to discuss questions about your results. This program is available at no additional charge.

What Myriad tests can be sent to you?

Myriad myRisk® is a gene panel that helps identify your options for treatment, your risk of additional cancers, and if any close family members may be at an elevated risk of developing cancer.

BRACAnalysis CDx® informs you if you’re eligible for advanced cancer treatments such as targeted therapies or clinical trials.

Can I order these test on my own?

The above at home testing options need to be ordered by a health care provider. If you would like to send them information of these virtual genetic testing options, please direct them to the following link to learn more.

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