At Myriad, we are dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life of patients through molecular and companion diagnostic tests across a variety of major diseases.

Over the years, countless people have shared their stories about how genetic testing has changed their lives or enabled them to make more informed decisions about their own healthcare, or the care of their loves ones, as a result of genetic testing. Here are just a few of the real patient stories that have inspired us in the work we do:

Myriad Patient Ambassador Program

Myriad has a strong Patient Ambassador program. The Hereditary Cancer Champions are a coalition of men and women who are dedicated to the mission of increasing awareness of hereditary cancer risk. The role of each ambassador is to share their personal story about testing for a hereditary cancer syndrome. They do so for two reasons:

  • The first is to motivate people with a strong family history to take charge of their health by talking to their healthcare professionals about their personal risk and whether hereditary cancer testing is appropriate for them.
  • The second is to speak with healthcare professionals in order to reinforce the importance of hereditary cancer risk assessment for all of their patients.