At Myriad, we understand the importance of your privacy and respect every patient’s right to protected health information.

Myriad’s Policies on Patient Privacy and Access to Test Results

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) enacted in 1996 created federal privacy protections that apply to all health information created or maintained by healthcare professionals, health plans and healthcare clearinghouses. State laws have also been enacted to protect patient privacy.

In addition to the privacy protections enacted by HIPAA, the law also created federal security standards that apply to protected health information in an electronic format.

Myriad’s HIPAA Compliance and Privacy Policies

Myriad is considered a HIPAA Covered Entity and is subject to the regulations under the law.

Myriad’s Notice of Privacy Practices describes how your medical information may be used and disclosed (provided to others) and how you can get access to this information.

Patient Forms

These forms may be used by patients to exercise their rights as described in Myriad’s Notice of Privacy Practices:

Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information (En Español) – This form allows patients to request copies of their medical records, designate a new healthcare professional, and send medical records to individuals, entities, and healthcare professionals other than those who ordered their tests.

Request for Amendments/Corrections to Medical Record (En Español) – Patients may use this form to change or update incorrect or missing information contained in their medical record. Patients do not need to use this form to update address, phone or other contact information, and should contact Myriad’s Customer Service Department at (800) 469-7423 to make these changes.

Request for Restrictions (En Español) – Patients have the right to request certain restrictions on the ways in which Myriad uses and discloses their health information. This form is used to request restrictions.

Request for Confidential Communications (En Español) – Patients can use this form to request that Myriad contact them using addresses or telephone numbers other than those which we have on file.

Request for Accounting of Disclosures – This form may be used by patients to request a list of health information disclosures made by Myriad.

If you have questions or complaints about Myriad’s privacy practices, please contact our Privacy Office:

Compliance Online click here.

Phone: US Toll-Free: 866-685-8668

For further information about HIPAA, click here.