Myriad is a pioneer in the field of companion diagnostics. In essence, companion diagnostics are tests being developed to identify patients most likely to benefit from specific treatments based on their own genetic makeup and biology. Companion diagnostics hold tremendous promise in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, and diabetes.

Below are some of the promising companion diagnostics that Myriad has developed in collaboration with outside partners:

  • BRACAnalysis CDx® is a companion diagnostic test that uses a blood sample to identify germline mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

BRACAnalysis CDx® Partnerships

CompanyDrugClinical Trial Phase/IndicationTimeline
AstraZenecaolaparibPhase 3 – maintenance therapy for platinum sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer

Phase 3 – first line maintenance therapy for ovarian cancer

Phase 3 – metastatic breast cancer

Phase 3 – salvage therapy ovarian cancer

Phase 3 – adjuvant breast cancer

Phase 3 – metastatic pancreatic cancer

Received U.S. FDA and EMA approval for maintenance therapy platinum sensitive ovarian cancer in CY2014. Expect to file with the FDA for breast cancer in CY16.
MedivationtalazoparibPhase 3 – metastatic breast cancerNA
TESAROniraparibPhase 3 – maintenance therapy for platinum sensitive ovarian cancer

Phase 3 – metastatic breast cancer

Q2 CY16
AbbvievelaparibPhase 3 clinical trials in neo-adjuvant and metastatic breast cancerNA

*The use of the tests described in this section for companion diagnostic purposes may be considered to be investigational and subject to FDA medical device and other applicable regulations.


Key partnerships include:

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