Historically, Urologists in practice have given Radiation Therapy (RT) or Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) after initial prostate cancer treatment to reduce the risk of their patient’s cancer returning. However, a New Study from Radiation Oncologist, Jonathan Tward M.D., Ph.D., has demonstrated there is no benefit for select men.

Watch the video below to learn more about this study and how the new Prolaris® multi-modal threshold can personalize patient treatment.

Prolaris Makes Treatment Decisions Easier

Every man with prostate cancer, regardless of his NCCN risk group, deserves a better answer. The Prolaris test is a prognostic, tumor-based biomarker test that can guide your patient’s treatment plan by measuring the aggressiveness of their tumor. Our easy-to-read, personalized results help determine which patients will benefit from ADT + RT and which patients may safely avoid these treatments.

Prostate Cancer is a Hereditary Cancer

Myriad also offers a suite of germline testing solutions to determine if your patient has an underlying mutation that may have caused their cancer. Knowing your patient’s germline status is crucial in making treatment decisions and your management may need to be more aggressive if they are at a higher risk.