The AUA National meeting is centered around the exploration of the latest and groundbreaking advancements in urology, and there is no better time than now to discover how incorporating genetic testing into your practice may provide you with clinically actionable information to optimize and personalize prostate cancer treatment.

Improve patient outcomes

Not all prostate cancer behaves the same, and traditional diagnostic tools do not measure how quickly the cancer is growing. Prolaris is a prognostic, tumor-based biomarker test that looks at cell cycle proliferation genes (CCP) to determine the tumor’s true behavior. Combining tumor aggressiveness with clinical and pathological features, Prolaris eliminates the guesswork and clarifies cancer risk.

Provide your patients with better answers today

Treatment decisions made easier

Our industry leading, clinically validated thresholds will help you determine who can safely pursue active surveillance, who needs treatment, and who can benefit from or safely avoid more aggressive regimens. It’s science you can trust.

Watch the video below to hear more about how Prolaris may help you simplify treatment decisions and personalize cancer care.

Is your patient’s prostate cancer hereditary?

Myriad also offers a suite of germline testing solutions to determine if your patient has an underlying mutation that may have caused their cancer. Knowing your patient’s germline status is crucial in making treatment decisions and your management may need to be more aggressive if they are at higher risk.

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