Larry underwent a radical prostatectomy when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 62. Although the surgery was successful in removing the cancer, about 8 years later, he found his PSA levels began to rise, indicating his cancer may have returned. This came as a shock to Larry, but he was ready to tackle his cancer once again. His treatment plan included radiation and hormone therapy.

As a patient with advanced prostate cancer, and an extensive family history including relatives with prostate, bladder, and gastric cancers, his doctor recommended he take the Myriad MyRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test. This test analyzes a person’s DNA for genetic mutations passed down through their family that may have caused their cancer. Tests like MyRisk can also identify a patients risk of developing a second cancer, and can qualify patients for advanced therapies and clinical trials.

Larry, his wife and three children

Larry’s MyRisk test results showed he had a positive PMS2 mutation that is associated with Lynch Syndrome, a mutation that increases a person’s risk of developing colon cancer.

With this new information, Larry now undergoes increased screenings and colonoscopies to detect any potential early signs of colon cancer. Knowing he’s a carrier of this genetic mutation, he has encouraged his three children to also get tested and take preventive measures. Larry was grateful for the MyRisk test, saying “I wish I had known about it sooner; I would have gotten tested with no hesitation.”

Larry’s experience highlights the critical information genetic testing can provide about an individual’s cancer risk. It is essential for those with a high risk or a family history of cancer to undergo testing. Larry’s proactive approach to his health demonstrates the importance of acting and advocating for better answers.

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Medical societies strongly recommend genetic testing if you meet any of the following criteria:

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