We gathered a distinguished panel of experts, including Dr. Neal Shore, Dr. Ben Lowentritt, Dr. Ted Schaefer, and Dr. Jonathan Tward, to delve into the fascinating world of prostate cancer workup for localized prostate cancer patients. Listen along as they unravel the various components, advancements, and future of prostate cancer care.

Germline Testing and Personalized Treatment
The panel kicks off by emphasizing the importance of germline testing in prostate cancer workup. They shed light on how genetic information can have significant implications for treatment decisions, enabling personalized approaches that yield better outcomes. The discussion particularly highlights the relevance of germline testing in diverse populations, emphasizing the need for comprehensive and inclusive research.

Traditional Biomarkers and Emerging Technologies
The conversation delves into the use of traditional biomarkers such as PSA, PSA density, kinetics, and the Gleason grade system. The experts shed light on their significance and limitations, paving the way for a discussion on newer advancements in molecular markers and the potential role of artificial intelligence (AI).

Shared Decision Making and Counseling
As the landscape of healthcare evolves, shared decision making takes center stage in prostate cancer workup. The panel emphasizes the importance of understanding the patient’s family dynamics and cancer history, which plays a crucial role in treatment selection and long-term outcomes. They delve into the use of specific gene alterations and familial patterns of cancer in counseling and risk evaluation.

Expectations for the Future

Wrapping up the discussion, our experts share their insights and expectations for the future of prostate cancer care. They express optimism about continued advancements in genetic testing, molecular markers, imaging technologies, and AI integration. They highlight the need for ongoing research, collaboration, and patient-centered approaches to further enhance the precision and effectiveness of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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