After a visit with his family doctor, John Earp had a PSA of 13.96. With this new possible diagnosis of prostate cancer, he began to worry thinking about his extensive family history of cancer. His father had prostate cancer, his mother passed away from bile duct cancer, and both of his sister had recovered from breast cancer.

John and his urologist were eager to determine his diagnosis quickly. John was 46 years old when his biopsy results confirmed that he had cancer in his prostate. 

“Once you find out that you have cancer, the first feeling you have is fear,” said John Earp “This whole process takes time, and the thoughts that run like a river plague your mind, the first thing I think of is my family history of cancer, my children, and most importantly my wife.”

His urologist recommended genetic testing to find out the origin of his cancer, given his family cancer history. John had Myriad myRisk® genetic testing and found that he was positive for a CHEK2 mutation, meaning his cancer was caused by a hereditary mutation that he inherited from his family.

“My mind exploded with the curiosity to figure out how this gene was passed down from generation to generation” said John “I felt intrigued, excited, and mostly inferior of the dreaded possibilities.”

After finding out his results, John and his urologist had a new perspective and confidence to make the right treatment decision. John had a radical prostatectomy in November of 2019 and has been tested twice since and is cancer free today.

“Without genetic testing, I would probably be in a different situation with prostate cancer. Having all this information in making an important decision changed my life,” said John “The tools, and the information to combat cancer is tangible for everyone.”

John has two sons who are now 19 and 17, he is glad he has this information to share with them.

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